Saturday, April 03, 2010

Where Are They

I recently finished watching HBO's series Rome. (I don't have HBO, but I do have Netflix).

In Season One's finale, Caesar dies like a dog, stabbed to death by Senators whom he thought he controlled.

Yes, there was once a time when a republic guarded itself against usurpation.


  1. You should check out the first 3 seasons of Mad Men on DVD. It's a pretty riveting depiction of 1960s Madison Ave.

  2. Well, let's see. Boothe took care of Lincoln, Johnson was almost ousted. Maybe the Senators should have started with Grant. After Lincoln, presidents have exercised more power than they are entitled. With term limits for the presidency, two-term senators can outlast two-term presidents. Many senators hope to become president someday, so why would they want to lesson the power of that ultimate prize?


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