Monday, April 05, 2010

Tea Parties

Of the Tea Party movement, the AP dismissively says
It has no single issue around which people rally. It has no clear leader who drives the organization's message, motivates followers and raises money. Indeed, the hundreds of tea party chapters and tens of thousands of its activists cannot agree on the most basic strategic goal: whether to influence the current political system or dismantle it.
Kinda reminds me of those fellows most active in Boston, say in the early 1700s.

Later in the article:
"Lot of noise," says one senior Republican consultant, "no muscle." But plenty of ability to make a scene: The consultant, who is directly involved in plotting the party's Senate elections strategy, insisted his name not be attached to that quote, concerned about alienating activists. [Can you believe this last part? What a douche!]
Lot of noise? Like that group--what the hell was its name? It had those James Otis, Sam Adams, and Paul Revere dudes... The Sons of Liberty. That's right.

Sure, they never did anything of importance.

Now I'm not saying that the Tea Party movement is in fact going to bring about real change. What I'm hoping to point out is how dismissive the press and politicos are of anyone who questions the status quo.

And when the Tea Party does cohere around a firm set of principles and center around a leader, I think that I can guess what the politicos will say then:

"The die is cast."

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