Thursday, April 15, 2010


Imagine if our federal taxes weren't withheld from paycheck to paycheck, and we instead had to "pay up" on April 15. You can bet that most people would be horrified by how much the government extorts.

Instead, as if by slight of hand, the feds make many grateful for this time of year: the season of the tax refund. As if it was some kind of gift and not your own damn money being returned because the grubbers took to much.


  1. "The greatest feat the devil ever performed was to convince the world that he did not exist."

    The greatest feat the government ever performed was to convince the citizens that it was giving them a gift.

  2. I think about 49% of the country would be fine with it, seeing as they pay no federal income taxes at all. The other 51% or so wouldn't be happy at all because (1) they'd be forking out a lot of dough and (2) many spend their income so quickly that they wouldn't have the money to pay the bill.

  3. There are some options. Some people pay quarterly, and others just pay annually. Some years, my CPA has helped us modify our withholdings so that less was withheld and the return was smaller. We had more money available during the year and weren't fooled by the "gift" return. Worth the fee paid to the CPA, imo.

    The government has made it so easy for employees to accept withholdings from each paycheck, with the promise of a return in the spring. But as long as you pay your taxes annually, who says the government has to keep the money throughout the year?

  4. I see your point and raise you a "You know that's not the point that I'm getting at."


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