Monday, August 31, 2009

Obama the Partisan

Obama is always talking about and extolling the virtues of bipartisanship, and yet, to him, bipartisanship is merely the other side either going along with his wishes or shutting up and getting out of the way.

He's a hypocrite of the first order. And yet he is so worshiped by so many.

There's room at the top, they are telling you still.
But first you must learn how to smile as you kill
If you want to be like the folks on the hill.
John Lennon's "Working Class Hero"


  1. As I walked into work this morning, I saw an Obama bumper sticker on a nearby car and thought virtually the same thing as your post. Last November, I consoled myself with hopes that he would try to be bipartisan and maybe be an integral player in the end of racism. But it turns out he's just another Democrat with an ambitious agenda.

  2. Is that agenda to turn a democracy into a kingdom?

  3. More like an oligarchy run by the top Democrats, eventually outlawing other political parties, until it strongly resembles Soviet Russia or Cuba. Perhaps we should begin referring to him as "El Presidente".


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