Saturday, August 01, 2009

No Stimulus?

On Friday, a local newspaper published with the headline "No Stimulus for Cops," and it was about how puzzled local leaders are that they didn't get any federal money for police.

What in the hell does that mean? We should be "stimulating" the police industry? We already have a massive (and massively expensive) program installed to "stimulate" the police industry.

It's called the drug war. It keeps crime high in cities so that citizens demand police.

Spending money on more police will not "stimulate" anything,


  1. What's even crazier than the article are the comments from readers. Wow! Ever read the Soundoff comments in the MD? Makes you wonder if there are any intelligent people living in Macomb County. There was one point I think may be true, though. I wouldn't be surprised if Democrats are sending money only to loyal voting districts, aka Jackson's "spoils system".

  2. I think that too much is made of Jackson's "spoils system."

    So he started tossing whigs out on their cans and replacing them with people whom he could trust. Clay and his people made it sound like Jackson was doing something corrupt, but Jackson was really throwing a wrench in Clay's corrupt machine.


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