Monday, August 03, 2009

Obama Already Is Taxing the Middle Class

The New York Times reports that Obama plans to stick to his pledge not to increase the middle class's tax burden.

Sorry folks, have you looked at our government's policies? All this spending, money from nothing. What do you think are the consequences?

Inflation, an "invisible" form of taxation.

As our dollar weakens, we become poorer. The result is much the same as if the government simply took more dollars in taxes.

Every dollar spent by the government has to come from taxpayers. If it's not taxed directly or borrowed (e.g. bonds), then it hits us as inflation.

Obama's reckless spending policies make him potentially one of the worst presidents in regards to easing the middle class's burden.

But Obama will blame everything on eight years of Bush, and most of his supporters will buy it and cry, "Four legs good; two legs better!"

"Meet the new boss / Same as the old boss."
--The Who, "Won't Get Fooled Again"


  1. As we all know, all people are equal. Some are just more equal than others...

  2. A great many Americans could care less about inflation, taxes, and debt. They won't react negatively to government policies until they have no possible way to get cars, TVs, new houses, and other goods that can be used to fake the wealth we think we are entitled to. Americans won't pull themselves out of this quagmire until the situation is dire. How long will it be before China starts confiscating our property to pay for the loan it gave the U.S.?


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