Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why I LIke Ron Paul

Leave it to Golf Guy to bring up a point that makes me have to explain myself.

In a previous comment, he noted how, in the past, I have virtually rejected every politician who has ever attained office; but now I am a firm supporter of Ron Paul.

The question, really, is what's so special about Ron Paul that he doesn't fit into my "politicians are bad" schema.

To put it simply, Ron Paul isn't a typical politician. As experience has defined the term, he probably isn't even a politician. He is a defender of the Constitution and people's natural rights. As a representative in Congress, he has a pristine and non-contradictory record proving such. He does not put on airs and claim to be what he is not. If he is a politician, then he is the ideal politician. In Platonic language, he is the quintessential form and all others are poor copies.

It has been noted that while he runs as a Republican, he was in 1988 the Libertarian candidate for president. What this demonstrates is that he transcends partisan politics. He is beholden to nothing but the Constitution and the application of the Constitution to maximize the enjoyment of people's rights.

Many point out that he hasn't much chance of achieving even the nomination, let alone winning the presidency.

If that be the case, then I refer you to my previous, cynical posts.

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