Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Masters of War

I cannot remember for sure (and I could check, but that would betray my innate laziness), but I might have posted a video to this song before.

However, as the (undeclared) war rages on (unconstitutionally), this song becomes more relevant as the second hand ticks.

Some might object to the pairing of American military operations with Nazi aggression, but in the end Poland did not really attack Germany (which Germany used as "justification" for its invasion of Poland) and Iraq did not really have weapons of mass destruction (which the Bush administration used as "justification" for its invasion of Iraq).

If you still object, then you're the reason why young men must continue to die in vain.

Ron Paul will end it. If we had no real right to go in, then there's nothing right about staying. The civil war in Iraq is the product of European imperialism: false borders for false countries. We can't fix that no matter how many guns we have or people we kill--unless we're willing to kill them all, which I am not (and I pray the same sentiment for you).

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