Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chavez Hating Rationale

Perhaps the message of my last post seemed a bit horrific, but only if you don't fathom the situation.

You've probably been asked--or imagined independently--the question: "If you could go back in time and kill Hitler/Stalin/Manilow/Bin Laden, would you?"

Having seen Back to the Future you may hesitate to say "Yes," simply because of the unpredictable (and in such a case probably massive) butterfly effect that would so alter your present.

Essentially, however, I'm talking about the same issue. No matter how "maturely" he seems to be taking his recent political defeat, Hugo Chavez is a dangerous man. He is, for all intensive purposes, an assailant. If you would use physical force to restrain an assailant, then you must advocate using physical force to restrain him. It's not a matter of me seeing things only in black and white. It's a matter of logic.

It's a basic syllogism.

All A are B.
C is A.
Therefore, C is B.

All tyrants are men who should be resisted, violently if necessary.
Hugo Chavez is a tyrant.
Therefore, Hugo Chavez is a man who should be resisted, violently if necessary.

If you don't like my conclusion, then you have to reject one or both of my premises.

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