Saturday, February 06, 2010

Another Amusing Anecdote

Both Natalie and Mark earned excellent markings on their recent report cards. As a reward for good work (a 4.0), we decided to buy Natalie an American Girl Doll. Mark wanted a game for his PS2 or my XBox 360.

Today, I took Mark to GameStop in order to buy a game. At least the first five games that he asked for were rated "M" (Mature), so I had to tell him no. After the fifth or so request, Mark asked me exasperatedly, "When can I buy a rated "M" game?"

"When you're older," I said.

To which he asked, "How old?"

"Not until you're in High School," I replied.

"Is that when I'll grow hair around my penis?" He asked loud enough for anyone in the store to hear.

"Yes," I answered, "that's about when."

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  1. A better reply would have been, "No, son (chuckle). By 9th grade you'll already be quite hairy and your penis will be much larger than the other boys'!" Everyone will know you are lying, but it's worth a shot.


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