Sunday, January 03, 2010

What's New About the New Year?

What's new about the new year? To me, it seems that we celebrate the occasion as part of what Patrick Henry called "the delusive phantom of hope." Most people seem to think that a different number for the year means that things have really changed. They celebrate the holiday as a kind of pagan offering to Dionysus, never once considering that other than the passing of the solstice, there is no real difference between November passing to December and December passing to January and so forth (other than the fact that the Lions' season is in its final days).

It's not a new year that we need. The people and government that made 2009 suck are still in power, and even if parties change at mid-term elections, no real change will occur. I offer the presidency of GW Bush as proof of that.

No, we need something more. If you want change, then you need far more than a change from one old party to the other old party.

To heck with the New Year and our pagan way of offering the day as a bribe for better times to come.

And to answer your question, yes, I'm a bit on edge right now.


  1. This is all cause you missed that rabbit isn't it.

  2. Murdock: Nice one, Freud. Go tell your mother.

  3. Deadeye BAR5:34 PM

    Sounds like Debbie Downer is posting for Aristos today (waah, waah!)

    I, for one, had an AWESOME New Year's Day! (except the whole daughter in urgent care part)


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