Thursday, January 14, 2010

Aristos v. Murdock Part II

Over at his blog, Murdock pointed out that no one, including me (gasp) is without flaws. At one point in time, everyone has lied and been a hypocrite.

He is correct. However, when I lie, no one dies. When I'm a hypocrite, no one's freedoms and property go down the tubes.

This president's lies and hypocrisy damage the lives, liberties, and properties of the people. Such a man deserves respect, but not in the manner that Murdock wants. No, the president should command the same kind of respect as a gun--you're best to watch the muzzle, set the safety, and always assume that it is loaded and dangerous. There may be a time that you need it's power, but until that time comes, keep it locked away where it cannot cause any unintended mischief.

But default respect for the man because of his office? I decline to confer upon the presidency the privileges known more commonly to nobility.

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