Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mark: The "Natural"

This is as much a blooper reel as a "highlight" reel.

C'mon, Aristos, it's his first season!

Yeah, but--

C'mon, Aristos, he's only six!

True, yet--

C'mon, Aristos, he's your son.

Yes. Yes he is. (sigh)


  1. Pretty typical for a rookie. I played right field for most of my first season, and could count my base hits on one hand! It's amazing how quickly kids can improve over just a few seasons. In a few years they'll be calling him Mark McGwire, and the outfielders will be backing up when he steps to the plate. Gotta work on that throw to second, though...

  2. Brought me back about 25 years:-)

  3. That wasn't necessary, mother!

  4. Golf Guy! It's great to hear from you.


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