Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Environmentalists and Nazis

If the environmentalists had their way, then all who drive SUV's would have to register with the state and wear armbands with yellow stars on them.

To protect us from our angry neighbors, we would be "relocated" to a "safer" place.

Once at that place, we would be ordered to work in camps--to earn our keep, presumably--and the rest is history.

If you don't know what I mean by "history," then read some on the late 1930's and early 1940's in Europe.

The environmentalists will justify such acts as the final solution to the carbon problem.

Of course, we can stop them right now by calling them out on their utter BS. However, if that didn't happen in 1933, and the average person is absolutely ignorant about the significance of 1933, then how are we to expect that the NAZIs will be defeated now?

Hell yes, I'm calling them Nazis. Read Mein Kampf and compare Hitler's rhetoric to that of the environmentalists'. They're already acting on their policy of lebensraum. Just look at the Kyoto nonsense.

The main difference between ECO-Nazis and the old-school Nazis is that der fuhrer didn't have polar bears and penguins to wave in people's faces. If Hitler had been able to connect his "final solution" to the salvation of such animals, then he would have won the hearts (but not the minds) of every child on the planet.

If Hitler had waged his war to preserve arctic and antarctic wildlife, then the environmentalists would have justified every one of his atrocities including Auschwitz et al. If Hitler had been able to connect Jews to the decline of arctic and antarctic wildlife, then the governments of this world would treat Hitler as more of a Christ than a devil.

Let's thank God that the environmentalists haven't yet been able to figure some phony way to connect carbon emissions to the decline of panda bears. If they ever do that, then there's no hope. I mean, come on, who doesn't love panda bears?


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    Biobandit loves panda bears, but only if they're adolescent males.

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    I love adolescent males too.

  3. Unless you're a girl, surrealist, Sir Thomas More would not approve of your comment. (See post above)


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