Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I Rant Against a Kind of Moron

This blog is called, "What I Think."

It used to be called, "What I Hate."

I amended the title because too much of what I was posting had nothing to do with what I hate.

However, for the purposes of nostalgia, here's something that I really hate.

A certain family member of mine is one of those who talks about how everything is going to Hell. He's also one who supports John McCain and mocks me for supporting Ron Paul.

At just about every state's primary, he gleefully notes how many more people voted for McCain than for Paul. Then he bitches about how the country is going to Hell.

Here's a news flash. If the country is going to hell, then--in a country such as ours where the majority votes for leadership--the problem is the majority of people (or at least the majority who vote).

Therefore, if you're upset about how the country is going to Hell, you had better not brag about how your guy has more support.

Here's a newsflash: that mass of support about which you brag is the problem, and you're part of it.

Fewer people support Ron Paul because fewer people are wise.

Now step aside and give freedom a shot, or else just put on your swastika armbands or salute the hammer and sickle. In Plato's myth of the three metals, you're not even a metal. You're a gas. I wish that you were inert, but you're alive, alert, well, and deadly to all with whom you come into contact.


  1. Run-on DMC11:16 AM

    Great rant! I fully agree with your argument. The problems in a democracy are inevitably the fault of the majority. So simple, yet so many don't understand because they ARE the problem!

  2. Surrealist.8:30 PM

    Your family member sounds like my mom.

  3. You can't complain about the government if you are part of the problem. If so many people hate Bush and Granholm, then why did they choose to re-elect them? The majority is not always right.


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