Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Random Rant For the Heck of It

I haven't been posting much lately, and for that I am sorry. I've just been dragged down by a general mid-winter malaise.

It has zapped my humor. It has belabored my insight. It has even muffled my outrage.

If it doesn't pass soon, I'll feel obligated to post anything, just to have something posted.

Good God, save us from that.

Seriously, you don't want me ranting on and on at how stupid it is when people call tuna "tunafish."

Is there any other kind of tuna?

And these clowns aren't even consistent. If it's tunafish, then shouldn't we also have hamburger cow, or shrimp crustacean, or chicken chicken, or hampig, etc.

Even if they want to say that it's a fish thing, they're still inconsistent. They don't talk about eating troutfish, salmonfish, or perchfish.

For the love of Godyahweh. If it looks like a duckfowl and quacks like a duckfowl, then you're a morondemocrat.

See what I mean? I really need to get out of this funk.


  1. Mr. Run-On DMC11:16 AM

    Seriously, never do that again. That was perhaps the lamest argument I have ever heard from you. What's next? You will blame your lack of blogging on how busy you are after school, with dance, gymnastics, and friends' birthday parties taking up all of your time, and your mommy making you go to bed early before your work is done? Also, I think it would be chickenbird, not chickenchicken.

  2. You're right about the chickenbird, I think.

    As for my mommy making me go to bed early, you've got it wrong. It's your mommy who keeps taking me to bed.

  3. Nice comeback, Aristos!

  4. run-on dmc9:59 AM

    I see you took the easy out on the mom joke. Nothing about the lame excuses used by those familiar to us who lead such busy and fulfilling lives after 3pm, but can't seem to fulfill their responsibilities for the rest of the day?


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