Sunday, February 17, 2008


I favor Obama over McCain the same way that I favor being shot in the abdomen over being shot in the chest.

McCain needs to lose in order for the Republican party to dissolve in the same way that the Democratic-Republicans dissolved after 1824.

By 1824, the Dem-Reps had absorbed the members of the Federalist Party--the same way that the Republican Party has absorbed neo-cons. Meaning, that running against each other and from the same party were John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson (think Abraham Lincoln v. Jefferson Davis). Thanks to the scheming of Henry Clay, Adams stole the presidency and the true Dem-Reps bolted from the party.

What happened next was a re-organization of the party system. I hope history repeats itself. That would be wonderful.

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  1. run-on dmc10:10 AM

    I would have to favor the chest shot over the abdoment shot, but not because of which candidate is tied to which wound. My rationale is that a chest shot would result in a quicker, less painful death. I have heard that gut shots take a really long time to die from, that's why you don't shoot a deer in the gut. As for the candidates, I think McCain is more likely to involve the US in further military actions. Other than that, a few percentage points in taxes is all that separates them. Okay, so that's not exactly true, but compared to RP they are identical twins.


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