Sunday, September 12, 2010

About Human Rights and Islam

Islam is a religion of peace that has spread by the sword and composes the most tyrannical nations on the face of the earth. Adultery leads to a divorce in most countries, but in countries run according to Islamic law it leads to execution by stoning (e.g. Nigeria and Iran).

The defenders of Islam need to step up right now and repudiate its archaic traditions. A woman is not a man's property, and her fidelity should not be a matter of the state's concern.

Either Islam is peaceful and its many followers are wrong, or it is not peaceful and every word about it's supposedly peaceful message is a load of crap.

I'm sick of hearing how the religion is distorted by a radical few while pretty much every country dominated by Muslims is repressive of the most basic human rights.

If I'm wrong, then I invite opposition. If I'm not wrong, then you must accept my conclusion that Islam is not a peaceful religion.

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