Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Capital Punishment In Utah (and Everywhere Else) Sucks

As Utah prepares use a firing squad to execute a convicted murderer, many critics speak to the barbaric nature of the method.

Really? Is the injection of poisons that first paralyze the muscles (so that they cannot writhe in pain) and second arrest the respiratory and circulatory systems so much more humane?

How "painless" would lethal injection appear if the first poisons did not render the victim's muscles immobile?

I'm not trying to excuse execution by firing squad. I'm trying to refute the notion that there is any way to murder a man humanely.

How is the lawful execution of a convicted murderer inhumane?

The answer is simple. The only moral excuse for intentionally killing another man is out of self-defense or the defense of another innocent party.

By the time that the state carries out capital punishment, there is no threat to anyone. The bad guy is in custody and under wraps.

Justifying the execution on the grounds that the bad guy might escape would similarly justify me killing anyone on the street because anyone might at anytime might decide to kill me.

That dude in the suit might have had a gun that he might have drawn and fired at me.

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