Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let's get this straight. Barack Obama DOES NOT have a plan to increase fuel efficiency in automobiles.

Barack Obama knows jack squat about designing cars. He does, apparently, know how to use the coercive powers of government (i.e. point guns at people and say, "do it"), and that's what he's doing. His plan is to threaten those who do engineer vehicles.

The thing is, if it was so easy to do (scientifically and economically), then the automakers would be doing it on their own. If consumers really demanded it, then the automakers would be working toward it.


  1. Agent BAR4:52 PM

    Oh ye of little faith! You underestimate the powers of a cool, hip President! Obviously you have no clue how powerful a Senator-turned-President's blackberry is! Upgrades, man, black-ops secret upgrades!

  2. Well apparently he does plan to "develop an appropriate legal regime" to allow "indefinite suspension" of people w/o charges or trial: http://bit.ly/IqwCX

    It took a while, but I finally figured out what Obama really is. The only change he represents is that he's black. Other than that, he's the reincarnation of three dead presidents.

    Obama = Lincoln + FDR + Jackson

    He has FDR's love of ineffective social programs and his ability to make anything sound eloquent. But he also has Lincoln's disregard for constitutional requirement for forced captivity. Throw in a little bit of Andrew Jackson's ad hoc use of the executive and disregard for the rule of law and you've got Obama.


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