Sunday, January 20, 2008

An Irksome Rant

It's easy to blame the media for promoting the status quo, but it's hard to blame to people for listening and obeying like good little sheep.

However, I like a challenge.

The media is somewhat to blame, but the media is in the hands of persons with certain political viewpoints (seriously, you don't really believe in an objective media, do you?). I cannot really blame them for promoting their point of view.

The bulk of the blame goes to the everyday American dimwit who does not think beyond what he reads in the papers or sees on TV. Jeff Foxworthy is not a comedian; he's a prophet.

I am not an Alexander Hamilton fan, but he was definitely right to fear the common man with a vote. Once people realized that they could use the power of the ballot to acquire what they never themselves earned, this Republic set foot on the short road to tyranny.

But democracy is good, you say? Well then why don't all white people (still the majority of the United States) vote that 15% of all earnings made by non-whites go to whites?

Suppose they did? It would be Democracy, wouldn't it?

Hell yes it would! Which means that Democracy is not synonymous with Justice.

Winston Churchill said something like Democracy was the worst form of government, except for all the others.

But Mr. Churchill was not prepared to accept the concept of a government strictly limited to protecting its citizens' rights. So his adage is not useful.

Think about it. Democracy relies upon the will of the majority.

Never in the history of man has the majority been made up of the wise and the virtuous.

Therefore, Democracies are governed by the unwise and the unvirtuous.

The good news is that in four billion years the Sun will consume the Earth, and the United States will once and for all be free of the socialistic-fascist Demagogues that we call Democrats and Republicans.

I'll admit that not even Ron Paul can save the Earth from its inevitable doom, but, damn it, he could have helped make the next few billion years a hell of a lot more livable.

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  1. It is very intersting to consider Hamilton's fear of the vote of the common man. In a perfect world, having only a select group of wise and just people voting would be a good thing. We do not, however, live in a perfect world, and therefore would have massive trouble determining who should vote and who should not vote. Such a system could easily end up as corrupt as the government they would be supposed to choose. This is why the Electoral College was formed, to act as a buffer against the common man's vote. Whether or not the Electoral College is successful at this is debatable.


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